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Party Supplies, Albany, NY

Birthday Party Ideas

"Where do you get your balloons and party Supplies?"  

This is one of the questions, I get asked more than any other. When I'm working, people can see and hear that that the balloons I use have fewer pops. (Of course, experience in handling balloons helps too. LOL!)  

I order all of my balloons from professional balloon distributors.​

Below, I'll share a couple of tricks to help you avoid popping your balloons.

Which balloon do you like best?​

Inflated bargain balloon.  
See how the balloon stem is colorful and the inflated
balloon is washed out?
This balloon also feels thin and weak.

Party Supplies, Albany, NY

 Inflated Qualatex brand balloon.  
See how the color is bright on balloon stem and on the inflated balloon?
This balloons feels thicker and sturdier.

Party Supplies Albany, NY

Bargain Tie-Dye Balloons purchased locally
Quantity of 72, 12" Balloons for $7.99

Party Supplies, Albany, NY

Professional Quality Super Agate Balloons Purchased from a Balloon Supplier
Quantity of 100, 11" Balloons for $28.00

party supplies Albany, NY

Having established that professional quality balloons are superior in quality and color... where can you buy them?

Here are the closest party suppliers to Albany, NY that sell professional quality balloons and so much more.  Shipments often arrive the next day.

US Balloon in Brooklyn, NY

Rainbow Balloons in Massachusets

Getting professional quality, party supplies really shows! Below is a picture of some helium balloons I installed recently for a Birthday Party.  The color is vibrant when the balloons are fully inflated because the balloons are Qualatex brand

 4 Tips to Prevent Balloon Popping

  • 1. Buy Qualatex or Betallatex brand balloons.
  • 2. Under-inflate your balloons. If the balloon is an eleven inch like in this picture; inflate to nine inches.​
  • ​3. Trim and file your fingernails before handling balloons. ​
  • 4. Avoid temperature extremes and fluctuations. For example: A balloon is inflated at a normal inside temperature of seventy degrees. You take the balloon outside to your car to subzero temperatures.  Then you turn the heater on in your car and the temperature rises. The temperature fluctuations may cause the balloons to lose air, weaken or pop.
  • 5. When transporting balloons use a bag to protect them.  A simple garbage bag can protect balloons from unexpected popping hazards.
Party supplies

Get quality party supplies for brighter color and fewer pops!