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5 Ways to Reduce Stress While Planning Your Big Event

Stress-Less While Planning Your Party

So you're planning a special event... a Landmark Birthday... a Wedding... a Going Away Party... a Surprise Party...  Or a Baby Shower for yourself or a loved one. You really want your event to be spectacular... memorable... get great pictures... and see your guests have a ton of fun... Right?

Putting together all the details for your event can get overwhelming... I know how much thought, love and work you can put into planning a party. My wedding was only 18 months back and at times, it became stressful for me. It came all  together on our big day and it was awesome. Here are 5 Things I did right, while planning my wedding.

  1. I didn't do it all myself. I hired people. I delegated tasks to others. I gave myself a break and decided it was too much for me to make a balloon arch and balloon centerpieces for my wedding. I can do that, but a bride can only do so much in a day. LOL! Hiring the pros meant less for me to do. And when the professionals do their thing; they do it so well. It's their job after all.
  2. Book professionals to take care of the big stuff. The restaurant where we had our reception had exceptional service and a personalized menu that was delicious. Spending money on the pros was a very wise decision. Getting together a team of pros that help you create "the look and feel" you want for your party will make planning your whole event easier and more fun (for YOU and your guests). 
  3. Add a "Splash of FUN." I planned a faux photo booth (Time Capsule phone app and digital camera uploads). I had so much fun gathering  cool props from the 50's like an apron, a rolling pin, a huge feather boa and a fedora. This made my wedding fun and unique for my guests and for us.  I knew it was going to be a hit and it was. We have a collection of silly and fabulous photos.
  4. I took time to chill out with stress busting energy work. This is the energetic release work I do with others when I'm not making balloons. I needed a little release valve for myself with everything that comes up around family when planning a wedding.
  5. Letting Go of Perfection. I decided to focus on the big purpose of my wedding... to get married. If everything went wrong like a hurricane with a power outage and a stomach bug that had me hugging a porcelain bowl... at the end of the day; I'd have accomplished the goal to get married no matter what!

Below are some pictures from an "Under The Sea" themed event where I made balloons recently.  Imagine... how much fun your guests can have when you add a photo booth plus a balloon sculpture and some twisted balloon art.

Recently, I collaborated with Premo Designs and Face Painting  who took these amazing photos with their affordable photo booth.

Stress Less. Play More.
Stress Less. Play More.
Stress Less. Play More.

Some photo booth inspiration from my wedding with cool 50's style props.

Stress Less While Planning Your Event
Stress Less While Planning Your Event