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​About Abigail, The Twisty Balloon Gal

Abigail has a heart of gold and is a natural, "Auntie type." Her positive attitude makes her a cheerful, giving, sunshiny person. (See the pictures from Abigail's life below.)

Ms. Thurston grew up in Southern Maine, right between L.L. Bean and Poland Spring bottled water. She's lived in the upper Hudson Valley of New York since 2009. She arrived with a car full of her stuff as a full time student

When Abigail isn't making balloons; her favorite things include, snuggling with her cats, reading, dancing, yoga, gardening and helping her clients with natural health solutions.

She's passionate about holistic health. She helps others in her private, integrative, applied kinesiology practice during the week. She helps smart, modern women to let go of stress and find joy. She uses muscle testing, energy medicine, intuitive and powerfully-gentle bodywork.

Exciting news in Abigail's life includes... her recent marriage to her East Coast Swing dance partner, Mike. (Wedding pictures below.)

Abigail shares, that she wanted more celebration in her life. The universe responded by bringing balloons, fun, vibrant color and invitations to the most happening parties in the Albany area. "The best part of being the Twisty Balloon Gal is... the way people's eyes sparkle when they see the balloons I've made for them."

The question Abigail gets asked more often than any other... 'Where did you learn to make these awesome balloons?' Her answer, "I earned my degree at You Tube University. I majored in balloons with a minor in fun."

Twisty Balloon Gal

Abigail's Clients Have Included...

  • The College of St Rose, Albany NY
  • Quick Response, Fire, Smoke and Water Restoration Ballston Spa
  • New York State Retired Teachers Association, Albany, NY
  • Susan O'Dell Taylor School, Troy, NY
  • B 95.5 One Great Song After Another 
  • 107.7 Today's Country
  • Cheer Intensity, Green Island, NY
  • MVP Health Care
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • And many families celebrating life!

Beyond balloons... a peek into the life of Abigail, The Twisty Balloon Gal

Twisty Balloon Gal
Twisty Balloon Gal
Twisty Balloon Gal
Abigail B-day group hug
Birthday Party Ideas
Twisty Balloon Gal
Twisty Balloon Gal
Twisty Balloon Gal



Twisty Balloon GalTwisty Balloon Gal








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