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Birthday Party Ideas from Albany's Balloon Specialist 

Helium Balloon Delivery

Birthday Party Ideas

Helium Balloon Delivery to your Birth Day Party... Latex & Foil Balloons

Custom Balloon Arches

Birthday Party Ideas

Unique Balloon Arches for Your
Birthday Party... 

Live Balloon Twisting

Albany Balloons

Albany Balloons

Keep the Kids Busy with Live Balloon Twisting
200+ Cool, Twisted Balloon Choices

Birthday Party Ideas

Create lasting memories, with sparkling eyes and joyful giggles.

​Invite Abigail, The Twisty Balloon Gal to inspire you with...
awesome Birthday party ideas!

Balloon Decorations and Twisted Balloon Art will add
fun, laughter and help you capture great photos at your celebration.

Pssst!!!  It's a good idea to make your Reservation Request early.  

My calendar fills up fast!

The Twisty Balloon Gal's clients have included a few names you may know...

Birthday Party Ideas
B-Day Party Ideas
B-Day Party Ideas
Birthday Party Ideas
Birthday Party Ideas

"Having The Twisty Balloon Gal decorate for my kids birthday parties saved me money! I didn't have to buy party favors; all the guests went home with balloons." Raya, Latham, NY

Balloon Decorations

"Thank you so much... What a BIG HIT,
Thing 1 & Thing 2 were!!!"
Kristin, Brunswick, NY

Balloon Decorations

"Thank you! Thank you, for working our party! You were a hit with the kids. Thanks!"
NYSRTS, Albany, NY

Balloon Decorations

Easily Solve Your Birthday Party Hosting Headaches...

  • Under budget decorating done for you.
  • Cool entertainment that keeps your guests laughing.
  • Money saving, photo props that double as party favors.
  • One of a Kind, Amazing decorations everyone remembers!
  • Interactive balloons that encourage imagination and play.

Beyond Birthday Parties... Balloons for Every Occasion

Baby Shower 

Baby Shower Fun!

Elegant Wedding Balloon Arches

Balloon Arch for Wedding


Birthday Party Ideas

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Balloon Twister

Biodegradable latex balloons.

About Abigail, The Twisty Balloon Gal

Abigail has a heart of gold and is a natural, "Auntie type." Her positive attitude makes her a cheerful, giving, sunshiny person. 

Abigail shares, that she wanted more celebration in her life. The universe responded by bringing balloons, fun, vibrant color and invitations to the most happening parties in the Albany area. "The best part of being the Twisty Balloon Gal is... the way people's eyes sparkle when they see the balloons I've made for them."

The question Abigail gets asked more often than any other... 'Where did you learn to make these awesome balloons?' Read more...

Twisty Balloon Gal