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You'll find answers to most of your balloon related questions on this page.

Live Balloon Twisting for Private Parties, Fund Raisers & Non-Profit Organizations

Hourly Rate: $147

Discounted $30 per hour!

15-20 amazing, mini balloon sculptures guaranteed in one hour.

  • A $50 Deposit is required to finalize your reservation.
  • Travel Fees may apply.

Live Balloon Twisting for Public & Corporate Events

Hourly Rate: $177

​15-20 amazing, mini balloon sculptures guaranteed in one hour.


  • A $50 Deposit is required to finalize your reservation.
  • Travel Fees may apply.

Balloon Arches, Sculptures & Decor

22 Foot Balloon Arch (double door) from: $197

6 Foot Balloon Pillars from: $127

Balloon Sculptures from: $47

Table Top Arches from: $137

  • Balloon Decor is priced priced per piece, based on your selection of design, color, time of day & location.
  • A $50 Deposit is required to finalize your reservation.​
  • Travel, Delivery & Break-Down Fees may apply.

Giving Back...
Charitable Event  Policy

As an entertainment service professional, I get multiple requests to give back each week. I've decided to only give back in three areas that I'm super passionate about.

1. Helping Animals

2. 100% Holistic Health Care

 3. Single Parents in School

If your charitable event or fund raiser falls into one of these three categories; 
please contact Abigail to check on her availability to give back.

Pay Per Balloon Option

For large public events with 500+ expected to attend. This option allows the public to pay the individual balloon design fee ($10 per balloon) with no expense to you.  You get a public draw with awesome event entertainment and I get an opportunity for a fair exchange.

Travel Range

Abigail, The Twisty Balloon Gal offers balloon services in a 50 mile radius from Clifton Park, NY. 

Albany, NY Balloon Specialist

Mileage & Delivery Fees

Free Delivery on balloon orders of $100 or more within 15 miles of Clifton Park, New York.
Less than $100 balloon order within 15 miles of Clifton Park, NY: $15 delivery fee.
15+ miles from Clifton Park, NY: $2 per mile coming and going.

Calculate your mileage charges with Google Maps; using 2 Progress Drive, Clifton Park, New York as Point A and your event address as Point B. 

Albany, NY Balloon Specialist

Cancellation Policy

Need to cancel? No problem. The Twisty Balloon Gal will give you a full refund on your deposit when you cancel seven or more days ahead. You'll receive your refund by mail or paypal within two weeks of cancellation.

When you reserve your spot in the Twisty Balloon Gal's calendar, others who want balloon services cannot reserve that time. We hate turning away people away who are seeking balloons! When a cancellation occurs... there is no guarantee that we can fill that spot again, therefore a seven day notice on cancellations is required for a refund on your deposit.

Balloons Are ONLY for Kids Age 3 Up

The Twisty Balloon Gal only makes balloons for children age three and up; for safety and insurance reasons. Balloons and balloon pieces should never be placed in the mouth; as they are considered to be a choking hazard. Balloon pumps are the only safe way to blow up balloons. Please stay safe everyone!

You're Covered

When you hire The Twisty Balloon Gal, you're getting an experienced balloon twister with liability insurance. I'm happy to provide you with an insurance certificate if needed. Occasionally, there is a need for a certificate showing a specific name or location as "additionally insured." There is an additional fee of $30 per certificate when this is needed. Sorry, it's what my insurance company charges me.

Latex Balloons Are Biodegradable

Abigail only uses professional quality balloons. The natural latex balloons take the same amount of time to break down as an oak leaf left outside; Latex balloons are totally biodegradable. You can even add deflated natural latex balloons to your compost pile.